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Renato Caputo 


There is nothing is more necessary and useful to a General than the knoweledge of the intensions and proyects of the enemy. The more difficult it is to obtain this knoweledge, the greater the merit of the one who can supply it​. 

Niccolò Macchiavelli 


Prof. Renato Caputo obtained a Degree in Law, with a dissertation on "The new discipline of disregarded paternity."

In the year 2003-2004 he attended the specialization and professional course in “International Law and Armed Conflicts” at the Goriziano University Center of the University of Trieste.
He obtained the Master's Degree in “Criminology and Forensic Legal Studies” on July 15, 2014 with the highest score.

He obtained a Degree in Law and a Master's Degree in “Access to the Legal Profession” at the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid (Spain).

He obtained Second Level University Master in Alta Dirección at the University of Studies of Bari with Honors.

He obtained a Second Level Degree in Economic Sciences (LM-56), discussing a thesis on “Reinforcement of the Golden Power and Society of Strategic Relevance”.

On February 26, 2019 he received the Honoris Causa Doctorate from the Universidad Analítica Constuctivista de México for the following motivation: “For his commitment on Research, the transmission of knowledge and the creation of educational institutions that are an example of perseverance that leads to the best way of life to which man can aspire. Education in values ​​changes society ”.

In May 2020 he concluded the e-learning Course on “Cybersecurity and its Ten Domains” at the Kennesaw State University, Georgia (USA).

From the year 2019-2020 he is professor of "International Law and regulations on security (IUS/13)" in the field of the Second Level University Master in Information Sciences for Security at the University of eCampus Studies in Novedrate (CO) .

He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Journal "Criminal Law of Globalization", edited by Pacini Giuridica. Since November 2018, he is Director of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Diplomatic Academy, an Italian Higher Education Entity, formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.

He is registered in the Madrid Law Association, he is Vice President of the Studiorum Consortium - University Consortium for Higher Studies and Applied Research. He holds the position of Vice President of the National Society of Criminologists and is a member of the Advisory Board of the European Intelligence Academy in Athens (Greece).

From June 2014 to July 2017 he has worked as a diplomat in Uzbekistan. In the XIV legislature he was part of the Office of the Cabinet of the Minister of Defense, dealing with Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements and the coordination activities at the inter-ministerial sphere and with other state agencies. After leaving the offices in direct collaboration with the Minister, he promoted numerous campaigns and training activities aimed at developing an increasingly awareness and a “Culture of Safety”.

He was actively involved in post-conflict peacekeeping and reconstruction in many parts of the world. Some of the places where he has operated professionally for significant periods are Albania, Eritrea, Kosovo, and Iraq.




Author and co-author of various publications on issues of International Relations and International Law. Among the main ones we name the following:

  • Renato Caputo, “Rafforzamento del Golden Power e società di rilevanza strategica”, UNINTESS Editore, 2021, pag. 187, ISBN 9788897876069;

  • [curated by] Renato Caputo, "La tutela dell'Interesse nazionale - Esperienze a confronto", Pagine 228, GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, Torino, 2021, ISBN 9788892382800;

  • Renato Caputo, "Cybersicurezza: è nata l'Agenzia Nazionale", settembre/ottobre 2021, Rivista di Cavalleria;
  • Renato Caputo, "Pandemia e Golden power: Analisi della minaccia agli assetti strategici e possibili contromisure" Rivista trimestrale “Il diritto penale della globalizzazione”, Fascicolo 1/2021, Pacini Giuridica, ISSN 2532-8433
  • Renato Caputo, “I clan nigeriani: una mafia di cui si parla ancora troppo poco”, pp. 401-403, Rivista trimestrale “Il diritto penale della globalizzazione” 4 - ottobre- dicembre 2020, Pacini Giuridica, ISSN 2532-8433;
  • Renato Caputo, Antonello Vitale, Il Sistema di Informazioni per la Sicurezza della Repubblica e la Gestione delle Risorse Umane, Pagine 128, GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, Torino, 2020, ISBN 9788892376311;
  • Renato Caputo, Vittorfranco Pisano, "Rapporto di complementarietà tra sicurezza ed intelligence nei settori pubblico e privato", Rivista Affari Esteri, Anno LXI - Numero Speciale - Inverno 2020 - n.191, pp. 171 – 184;
  • Renato Caputo, Vittorfranco Pisano, "Il Biologico come Arma di Distruzione di Massa", Rivista Il Nodo di Gordio - Anno VIII – Num. 21 – Settembre/Dicembre 2019, pp. 134-143, Rivista inserita e indicizzata MIUR, come rivista scientifica codice E224200;
  • Renato Caputo, Elementi di Diritto Penale Militare, Editore UNINTESS (Mantova), 2017, Pagine 156, ISBN 9788897876038;
  • Renato Caputo, Gestione degli interventi nelle crisi internazionali. Dalla diplomazia umanitaria alla cooperazione internazionale, Editore: Palumbo (Roma), 2006, Pagine: 235, ISBN-10: 8890170239, ISBN-13: 9788890170232;
  • Renato Caputo (co-author), L'uso della forza nelle relazioni internazionali, Editore Palumbo (Roma), 2005 Pagine: 128, ISBN-10: 8890170220, ISBN-13: 9788890170225;
  • Renato Caputo (co-author), Le violazioni gravi del diritto internazionale cogente, Editore:  Palumbo  (Roma),  2008,  Pagine:  212,  ISBN-10:  8890170247,  ISBN-13: 9788890170249;
  • [curated by] Renato Caputo e Isidoro Palumbo, Jus contra bellum, jus in bello: vent'anni di Convenzioni internazionali dal 1980 ai nostri giorni, 2004, p. 478, Defence Television, Roma


He was awared the Cavalierato dell'Ordine al Merito of Italian Republic and with the Cavalierato dell'Ordine Equestre di Sant'Agata of the Republic of San Marino. He also received many Italian and foreign Honours.


He is married with Vera and has two children.


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